Thank you for taking part in the beta testing. As we update the apps we will send you an email with how to update the app and continue testing. If you find any items please email them to if you have screen shots or videos that will be great,

Thanks Raymond and the MYSPECTEAM

Thank you for your feedback, below are the mods/changes we will be adding to the app for you to test.

1 Zoom in to the vehicle images on the profile page
2 Video view in both landscape and portrait
3 Chat notification for a new message, dot next to the new message in the list
4 Latest news at the top
5 Events should be in date order
6 Find/add a person by name
7 Change top car to top voted on the more menu change the name
– My spec to World Map
– Top cars to Top Voted

also on the Top voted can we also view by
– all vehicles
– top category eg cars
– sub catagory eg car manudactures

8 Change enter to view vehicle
9 Home page view mods, Make markers in a circle, On the home page as you zoom it will show a number of how many cars are in that area, as you zoom in it will then show the car
10 Sidebar make it easier to get back to the home/map page
12 Splash page add welcome 2
13 Add More than one vehicle

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