David the Wizard of Laser-Cutting : Crafting Magic with Beams of Light


rochdale, Manchester UK


53.6153659, -2.1557561

In a futuristic workshop, nestled among the neon-lit skyscrapers of a bustling metropolis, there’s a man named David who possesses a skill that transcends time and technology. David isn’t just an ordinary badge maker; he’s a master of laser-cut steel badges, and he’s on a mission to transform vehicle logos into something truly extraordinary.

As the shimmering lights dance around the workshop, you’ll find David poring over holographic schematics of iconic vehicle logos, each one representing a different era or dimension. His mission is to extract the essence of these logos and reshape them into stunning badges. Whether it’s a classic Earth automobile emblem or a futuristic interstellar spacecraft insignia, David is up for the challenge.

So, when you’re ready to celebrate your love for all things automotive, seek out David, the laser-cut badge artisan of the future. In his workshop, you’ll not only find magnificent steel badges but also a journey through time and space that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve just embarked on an incredible adventure.

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