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At CBS Automotive, we’re not your run-of-the-mill vehicle installation folks; we’re the pros, the experts, the true wizards of the car enhancement world! Our mission? To provide top-notch installation services while giving each customer an experience that’s so customer-centric, it’ll make your wheels spin!

Our dream team doesn’t just offer any old products and services; they’re all about customizing and tailoring everything to meet your wildest car-related dreams. Your ride is unique, and we get that.

We’ve been in the business for a whopping 65 years – that’s right, we’ve got strong foundations in quality and customer service that stretch back to the good old days of classic cars. And you better believe we’re not resting on our laurels; we’re constantly working to make every installation experience with us smoother than a freshly waxed car.

Now, let’s talk about “The Company” – that’s us, CBS Automotive, based right here in the heart of Cambridge. We’re the go-to specialists in vehicle installations, and we’re so well-respected and trusted in the UK automotive industry that even your car’s GPS gives us a nod of approval!

We’re main dealers for some of the most renowned brands in the business, and our team is armed with knowledge and expertise in all things vehicle installations. We’re talking in-car entertainment systems, tow bars, tracking devices, hands-free car kits, parking sensors, and security systems – you name it, we’ve got it covered!

Our team of installation experts is not just experienced; they’re reliable, efficient, and professional. We cater to your needs, whether it’s at your home, business premises, or you prefer our famous ‘fit while you wait’ service right here at our workshop in the heart of Cambridge.

Whether you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, cruising on motorcycles, or riding in those sleek company cars, our vehicle installation services at CBS Automotive are simply second to none. We’re here to make your ride smoother, cooler, and more exciting than ever! 🚀🚗💨


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